Hild & Skald - Ultima Thule - På vårt vis

Here we have two musicians, a male (Skald) and a female (Hild) who interpret some of the infamous viking rock band Ultima Thule's songs as a duet and who put more focus on the lyrics. It puts new glans on the songs. It is both interesting, inspiring, and beautiful.

Hild you may know from her EP  “Spring” where she did some covers of Brutal Attack and No Remorse etc. So, you know that she puts her own touch to the songs and has a fantastic voice.

Skald is known for his many live performances, mainly in Sweden.

This is an album with immortal lyrics. See the album as a bridge between those who were young people in the 90s until those who are today. The lyrics, they live.

We are extremely proud to release this album, and we know many many of you will love this!

1. Stolt svensk

2. Jordvisa

3. Blå Brigader

4. Gleipner

5. Bäring nord

6. Mitt land

7. Vikingabalk

8. Sörjd och saknad

9. Fäderneslandet

10. Svea arv Svea land

11. Res dig upp

12. Du gamla du fria

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