Freke - Som en stormvind

Finally has Freke´s second album arrived, it starts where their debut (Tag till vapen) ended but of course has the guys improved their sound a lot!


It sounds like the typical Swedish resistance music that we know so many like. Well-played music with a little unusual song that you either love or hate. We suggests that you give the cd a chance because its good….really good! Comes with a nice designed booklet that contains all lyrics etc.


Also available in a limited metal box. Click here to get to it.



01 Valhall
02 Ditt val
03 Som en stormvind
04 Fikarast med Svensson
05 Segerdagen
06 Frihet eller fångenskap
07 Slutstriden
08 Gryning
09 Radikal patriot
10 Den dagen
11 Till minne av en vän


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