Svensk Ungdom - Frihetssånger & Daniel Wretströms eftermäle (digi)

For those who have missed these two records, this is a rich variant of troubadour music that marries excellently with the well-written lyrics and the carefully selected songs / poems that have been set to music. You could for sure say it’s a Swedish Frank Rennicke.

There are plenty of hits on this record, such as "Sweden has fallen" (Sverige har fallit), "Questions to father" (Frågor till far) and "Resistance" (Motstånd), just to name a few. Many in the movement wanted to hear this singer on more works, but it unfortunately ended after Swedish Youth.

All songs from the first two records are now on one and the same CD which together with the two booklets is delivered in a really stylish and hand-numbered digi pack.

Expensive and dignified as it should be.


1. Frågor till far

2. Fattar du, svensk!

3. Sverige har fallit

4. Facklan

5. Trumpetare, blås marschappell

6. Spörsmål

7. På fädrens vis

8. Motstånd

9. Frihetsvisan (bonus) [Biskop Thomas Simonsson]

Daniel wretströms eftermäle

10. Till minne av Daniel Wretström

11. Fädernesland

12. Vi har fått nog...

13. Daniels sista natt

14. Du gamla, du fria

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