Ultima Thule - Vikingabalk

The record that took Sweden by storm in the beginning of the 90's. The music industry was quavering and the journalists were hunting... while Thule was Rocking! Here you'll find several of Ultima Thule's best tracks, such as Balladen till Sverige, Vikingabalk, Stolt Svensk and more.

Sold in unbelievable amounts and the record are in almost all Swedes record collections... and it still measures up to the standard!

1. Stolt svensk
2. Vargsång
3. Sång i Danziger gatt
4. Balders drömmar
5. Vikingabalk
6. Bäring nord
7. Vinklingar och svek
8. Runaway
9. Balladen till Sverige
10. Uti vår hage
11. Då svallar vårt vikingablod
12. Rebellen
13. When Johnny come marching home (Johnny Rebel)


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