Stereotyp - Leise sein

" The question has often been asked when the "mastermind" behind many bands will be heard from again with his solo project Stereotyp. Now the time has come, before the new rock album is released, we are presenting you with his ballad album, which will be a highlight for many with its emotion, joy of playing and profound lyrics. Let us take you on a journey that gives strength, confidence and brings out what is important again... Family Freedom Fatherland. A beautiful booklet with all the lyrics and some pictures provides the perfect setting! ABSOLUTELY A MUST-BUY COMMAND!!! " - Quote label

1. Familie, Freiheit, Vaterland

2. An jedem einzelnem Tag

3. Auf der Wacht

4. Erinnerungen (Recuerdos)

5. Unsere kleine Welt

6. Leise sein  

7. Die Freiheit  

8. Wir wollen alles

9. Mut

10. Spuren im Sand

11. Gegen Riesen und Geister  

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