Saga - Midgård - Pro patria III

The Midgård 'pro patria'-serie is an on going project between Midgard Records and various patriotic musicians. It got a softer style and sometimes a bit different sound than the ordinary Rock for freedom productions.

Do you like heavy metal? Do you like straight and simple skinheadrock? Well then maybe this album might not be what you are looking for. But on the otherhand, if you are open for new ideas and and feel that we should face the enemy with all means possible, well then atleast give this album a chance, because this is probably Midgårds best production. Ever. The production and quality on this record can compare with any other on the commercial Swedish pop-charts. Everything is thought of and well produced. Do we need to say that it took us about a year to get this record finnished?

On top of that; Saga 's singing on this release . Saga has in an explosive fashion become one of the most popular rock for freedom artists, on this record she once again shows what an exceptionall artist she is. The result is a blend of Kent, Gessle, Håkan Hellström, Marie Fredriksson and Cajsa-Stina Åkerström . In other words Swedsish pop at it's best but now with patriotic texts!

# Midgård

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