Frontmagazin Druckausgabe #02 Juni 2022

! So you rascals, the time has finally come and you are holding the second printed edition of the front magazine in your hands. Let's make it short and painless, with this issue the front magazine has secured its place and I'm happy about that. Now let's get down to the important things, first and foremost it should be said that the second edition is coming up with more content. More reading material and therefore also with more pages. The new issue comprises a total of 96 pages and once again shines in full-color DIN A4 format. The design has also taken a big step forward, with great attention to detail, well thought-out structures and individual designs, the new magazine is a success. The content consists of interlocutors from different corners of the world, I talked to musicians from Chile, Japan and the USA, and of course from Germany too. But take a look and read for yourself. So, off to the retailer you trust and put it in your shopping cart. Enjoy the content!

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