Saga - My Tribute to Skrewdriver vol. 1-2

The best band in the world can never get enough attention. Many are those who have tried to do cover versions of Ian Stuarts masterpieces. Few are those who have been worthy of it.

The Nordic goddess Saga is among the small and exclusive few that has shown to be. On these 2 albums she delievers 29 Skrewdriver songs like you've never heard them before. You'll find classics like Free my land, Land of ice, Strikeforce, Voice of Britain, 46 years, Showdown and many more. But, you will also find a new song that is a tribute to Ian Stuarts memory; Son of Britain.

This is the ultimate tribute to Ian Stuart and his Skrewdriver. We didn't hold back on the resources and the results were a success like nothing else!

Both CDs for only 29€!

1. Son of Britain
2. Tomorrow Belong to Me
3. Triumph of the Will
4. Rising
5. Hail Victory
6. Where Has Justice Gone?
7. Klansman Song         
8. Land of Ice                   
9. Our Time Will Come
10. Showdown              
11. Mr. 9 to 5
12. 46 Years                     
13. Europe Awake
14. Patriot                   
15. Gone With the Breeze

1. Voice of Britain
2. Strikeforce
3. European Dream
4. Red Flags are Burning
5. Thunder in the Cities
6. Free My Land
7. The Strong Survive
8. Suddenly
9. Prisoner of Peace
10. Tomorrow is Always Too Late
11. Wasted Life
12. Hail the New Dawn
13. Searching
14. Land on Fire
15. The Road to Valhalla

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