Stereotyp - Für oder wider

We will let go of our personal highlight of the year with the new work by Stereotyp. Anyone who has come across the taste of modern, contemporary rock music from the new Confident of Victory album has come to the right place. Everything is right from front to back, pace, melody, feeling ... a journey of discovery with ever new illuminations. There are texts for this, far from any cliché, thoughts and experiences are processed from the deepest soul. The design is simple and noble! ABSOLUTE BUYING COMMAND !!! - Quote label

1. Wer.Wo

2. Noch mach ich mit

3. Fühle Me(e/h)r

4. Holzschwert

5. Nimm mich mit

6. Millionen funken

7. Visionär

8. Wir werden nie

9. Auf die freundschaft

10. Für oder wider

11. Alle gegen alla

12. Der tag kommt

13. Tragödie

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