Kilgore - A Killing Joke

In 2019, the Australian metal band Death's Head released the album "Supremacy". 7 years after their last full-length. More ideas for lyrics from Jesse where made this year, but more suitable for his Southern-like project; Kilgore. A whole 9 years ago we heard something new from this project!

Midgård Records are glad to present the album "A killing joke". We promise that the album will not disappoint anyone who has appreciated their previous releases.

1. Roll the dice

2. Grandaddy said

3. Promised land

4. There´s a devil

5. The train song

6. Behind concrete walls

7. A killing joke

8. We ain´t dead yet

9. Tombstone in the moonlight

10. Raise a glass

11. Murder of crows

# Midgård

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