Whitelaw - Run Silent, Run Deep (2nd edition)

Back in gold edition!

Time goes but Whitelaw lasts!

In the last couple of years, the creativity has been” sky high” among the British gentlemen.Less than 2 years ago we released the album, almost unplugged AND the Full-Length record Echoes From The Past. Now two years later it's time again! It's time for a new record to see the new dawn! It's time for a tribute to Colin Jordan.

We are sure all of you Whitelaw fans wonder, what kind of notes will the play, and how will it sound? And we can promise you it sounds damn good.  We want to claim this is the best so far by Whitelaw. On this record we can joy our ears with rough Rock’n’roll and classic RAC. The melodies, the sound and the lyrics goes hand in hand through the whole record. In the booklet you can find all the lyrics together with pictures from Colin Jordan's life.
This release is not a limited edition.  Instead, we choose to twerk it.
Three different releases, the only difference is the layout on the discs.  And if you are a record collector, we will offer a bulk price of the three different CD presses. This package will you find by clicking here.

Red: Colin Jordan Reichs kriegsfahne 250x (Retailers in Germany)
Blue: Colin Jordan Union Jack 250x (Whitelaw band)
Black: Colin Jordan 500x

1. Fight back

2. Win this war

3. Part of a culture

4. Get out of here

5. We will follow you

6. RAC

7. Together

8. Greed

9. Run silent, run deep

10. Feley lane

11. Dougie hill

12. Make their toes twitch

# Midgård

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