Kindred - Defend our own

We hereby welcome the latest addition to Midgård Records; Kindred, and it is with great pride that we present the debut album: Defend our own!

Kindred has been involved in the scene for many years, and also plays in the well-known band Empire Falls.

Musically, "Defend our own" is in the American skate punk, but more punk and not as much pop as many of the mainstream bands. If you have to compare with other national bands, we would say that it sounds a bit like the early "Final war" - and that is something that many of us love.

Listen to the sample, buy the record, and welcome Kindred to the national scene!

1. The world is turning red
2. F.T.W.
3. The ballad of Ian Stuart
4. Boot boys
5. War inside your head
6. Die to resist
7. I have a comrade
8. Whiteboy
9. Burn the red "flag"
10. Snow fell

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