Crucified - Never forget (7 EP&CD)

Crucified is finally back with a smoking hot new release!

For all vinyl lovers we made this an EP and CD in one.

You will of course love the modern yet dirty British RAC, with 3 superb tracks, but if that is not enough for you then we have good news - we also added a sticker and a small poster to the package.

"This is our tribute to all the war heroes and fallen dead who sacrificed everything to fight for our liberty, freedom and way of life.
These brave men and women would be turning in their graves if they could witness what is now happening to our once great Country, one that many paid the ultimate price to protect."


A1 Over the top

A2 Never forget

B1 If only


1. Over the top

2. Never forget

3. If only

# Midgård

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