Whitelaw - Rise of the battalions


Whitelaw is back with a new album and maybe in some way also a new sound, of course it's still classic RAC but with more guitars and melodies which have improved the sound and made more interesting compare to older albums.


We are sure that this album will satisfy all Whitelaw fans around the world and also bring in some new ones.  Comes with a 16-pages booklet that contains all lyrics and to each track will you find smaller comments written by the singer Benny. 

Release year: 2016 

01. Never be forgotten

02. Speak english 

03. Inspiration

04. Riot 

05. Make a difference 

06. Soldiers

07. Angry mob

08. Mommas seeing red

09. Get out 

10. It´s simple 

11. Rise of the battalions

12. Sunwheel



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