Brutal Attack - White pride, White passion (2CD) 2023

2023: Repressed with a brand new design

2 CDs of Brutal Attacks best ballads, exclusively packed with in a 2DVD case with a 56-page booklet that includes the bands history, lots of pictures that's never been published before, also lyrics for most of the songs. 

A piece of patriotic ballad history that is a very desirable collectors item.


CD 1

01. White pride, white passion

02. Through the darkness

03. Ocean of warriors

04. These tears are real

05. Aryan child

06. European unity

07. Dear Mother

08. Always near (for Ian Stuart Donaldson)

09. Changes

10. Deliverance

11. For the fallen and the free

12. You deceived me (Part 1)

CD 2

01. My sworn duty

02. Tomorrow's dream

03. Blood of our kin

04. No way out

05. The last day of summer

06. From the inside

07. Sacrifice

08. Tell england

09. My last goodbye

10. Embers of yesterday

11. You deceived me (Part 2) 

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