Code 291 - Tolerant today - dead tomorrow

When it was discovered that the Swedish police introduced a special code (Code 291) to hide crime commited by immigrants against their own people for the public, the people's wrath was a fact!

Since the police will never reveal the extent of what is hidden behind Code 291, Jocke K and his three berserkers chose to do it for them, saying, Code 291 saw today's light!

In songs like “Code 291” and “Open your hearts”, the lyrics speaks the truth about what the system does to darken.

These songs tell stories of our times, stories that can end in an happy future if we conquer our future and in order to do that, we must know our history, and we as nationalists must know that we are the link between past and present, as noted in the song "" Nationalism"". The historical connection is made in the song ""Troops of glory"" and later in the heroic story ""Russian nightmare"" where we hear about the Finnish sharpshooter Simo Häyhä.

Jocke has managed to produce a completely new sound for him, a sound that is dynamic to the lyrics, giving the CD a really slick width. Something that is clearly visible in songs like ""An elephant in the room"", ""Stand up and fight"" and ""Spirit of '69"".

The disc contains 13 tracks and has a playing time of over 50 minutes, all delivered with a cool designed booklet that holds the same high class as the music on the CD.

Utgivningsår: 2017


01. Troops of glory 

02. An elephant in the room

03. Spirit of '69

04. Russian nightmare 

05. Sten för sten

06. Stand up and fight 

07. The new plague

08. Open your hears 

09. Code 291

10. Oh my god

11. Nationalism

12. Fristadens barn

13. Staying true (White resistance)





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