Whitelaw - Take the salute


Finally is Whitelaw’s debut album available on the market again! This Midgard version should not be compared to earlier versions that have been made.


We have not only given the design a complete makeover we have also improved the sound quality and along with this version will you find a booklet which contains all lyrics, band photos and a smaller text written by Benny about the story behind the album and the making of it. 

Release year: 2016 (Midgard version)

01. Take the salute 

02. Skinhead heart

03. Freedom

04. Your honour is true

05. Rise up

06. Good friends 

07. What´s happend 

08. Always there

09. New era

10. Fetch the noose

11. (A.H) His will

12. Tomorrow will be our day


# Midgård

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