The Yardbombs ‎– Ebolapalooza

So, how do we correctly describe the third part of the solo project of the Deaths Head frontman? A good friend advised me: Designation "Psychobilly RAC & Punk'n'Roll", rocking, slightly melodic and oldschool heavy and just enriched with some Psychobilly elements. Has little of Vaginal Jesus Ethnic C., "End quote. As usual, there are already 2 previous albums and you are stylistically right there again.Is certainly not made for everyone, but definitely worth listening to for friends of" special music taste ".

1.  Ebolapalooza     
2 . The More Things Change     
3 . My Paranoia     
4 . Feed The Poor     
5 . Pop A Pill     
6 . Teenage Jihadi     
7 . Fuckers     
8 . Ignorance Is Bliss     
9 . I'm Seein' Red     
10.Lie To Me     
11.Schools Out     
12. Wasted     
13. It Ain't Racist     
14. Nationalism Trending     
15. Polidicks     
16. Dumb Things


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