Grenadier II - Fortress Germania

Exactly 20 years after the release of the first Grenadier Cd, at that time a project of Fortress, Bound for Glory and final stage, a worthy successor appears. Again, Fortress and many others are part of the party. From Mistreat to Division Germania, Heiliger krieg , Flak, Battalion 500 to Blutbanner  and Paranoid, an attempt was made to create an optimum of contrasts  which succeeded. Each song has several singers involved and makes for a very varied work. You do not need to lose much more words. Listen to the audio sample or order it blind

Youtube have made it impossible to share the video in a propper way but here is the link to the sample

Release year: 2017

01. Against My Will
02. Bekenntnis
03. Defending Europe
04. Don't Be The Ebb
05. Ermordet
06. Great Peasants War
07. Indentity
08. Trutzlied

09. Defenders Of The Faith

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