Code 291 - S.O.S. Europa

This is the standard edition. The albums is also in a limited edition with 4 extra songs.

It’s been a year since Code 291 released their debut album Tolerant today – Dead tomorrow, which was a success both in Sweden and internationally.
Since this release these “gentlemen” hasn’t been lazy. They had done several live performances, both in their homeland Sweden and around Europe, and if this were not enough they have managed to work out a new album which we, Midgård, are very proud to introduce: S.O.S. Europa!

“Jocke has managed to produce a completely new sound for him, a sound that is dynamic to the lyrics, giving the CD a really slick width.”

This is how we choose to describe Code 291´s sound in their debut album, and since then a couple of changes has been done in the band, which has caused the sound to be further dimensioned.

One of the bigger changes that has been made is that a new guitarist has joined the band, with a distinct result: the album is full of compelling guitar play. This has, however, not replaced the original melodious sound, but rather has been added to it. Simply a bit higher quality.
The attentive've probably already noticed that the song list includes a greater number of Swedish songs compared to debut - something that we know will please both Swedish and foreign listeners.

We would like to argue that those texts with the strongest content, which may stand out most at Tolerant today - dead tomorrow are those who convey unmasked truths about the current situation, no warnings about what can happen but rather an alarm about what is happening in front of the eyes on us! If you have that in mind when reviewing the lyrics in S.O.S. Europa one can again only say that this album is really a sequel in the truest sense of the word.

We would like to say that the song lyrics on the album genuinely express the advancement and fighting spirit of our people and leave the listener with a belief in a better future and a will to fight for it!

Hear the cold winds blow, hear the siren from the storm signal.
We regain our freedom, the sons of Svitjod marching on!

1) Runor i silver

2) Anti Antifa
3) Söner av Svitjod
4) Sweden belongs to me
5) Vi byggde Sverige
6) Broken illusions
7) Blodets väg
8) The time is now
9) Till strid
10) In the ghetto
11) Patriot

12) Tolerant today - Dead tomorrow

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