Frontsoldat - Frontsoldat

Remember the old swedish bands that gave sweden a mark on the white power scene? Powerfull and mighty. Most of those bands are now history and few of the new ones have been able to fill the space of the old ones. But here we can proudly present a new band that will fill the space and maybe even take it to a new level...


So if you like swedish wp-rock these guys will be your new favourites! Powerfull and clear they hammer in the message of white pride and death to well as they proudly speak out for the heroes that fought communism back in the old days of glory.


No, these guys are not young kids. They have been around since the days of the first swedish bands and back then they did not see any place for them since they thought the other bands was so good that it was no use for another band. But the years went by and they saw all the old band disapear and no new came which could take their they thought it was time for them to start a band to play 'white power rock the swedish way' once again...

Delievered in DVD-box with nice booklet in true frontsoldat style...


1. Gryning
2. Nationell otrohet
3. Destiny
4. Svin bland pärlor
5. I segerns tecken
6. Still got the power 
7. Arbeta ditt svin
8. Ingen pardon 
9. An eye 4 an eye
10. Ärans visdom
11. Frivillig soldat
12. Arbeiterklasse
13. Nordic Beauty
14. Tystnadens ridå

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