No Fear - Still got the power

Finally! Paul Burnley had been silent for long and hadn't met Nigel. Through Midgård they re-united after creating music on their own. The result were No Fear Still got the power that has to be mentioned as one of the better productions that any of the artist have made through the years.

Paul proved that he can still write political and incorrect lyrics that is some of the best in the world, Nigel proved that he is one of the absolute best guitar players that the rock for freedom got to offer. Emotional ballads mixed with aggressive rock that's always been their signature.

1. Pied piper

2. Flooding in

3. The masterplan

4. Our pride is our loyalty

5. Victory day

6. Mock parades and masquerades

7. Shining star

8. Still got the power

9. Patriotic hero

10. Never bend to you

11. The truth in you

# Midgård

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