Kalevalan Viikingit - Excalibur of the North - Best of...

Best of cd from the Finnish working class band Kalevalan Viikingit. In our opinion is the sound a great mix between “Swedish” vikingrock and old school RAC.



The tracks come in a chronological order and in the booklet you find pictures of every album with release date and of course lyrics to all tracks and on the top of that a bunch of pictures from the band´s personal photoalbum. 


01. Intro

02. Hail Norden

03. Oi! Finland

04. Krenatööri

05. M/35 Rock

06. Kansalaissota

07. Outro

08. Viikingit

09. Eurooppa Tulessa

10. I love North

11. Farewell

12. Kustaa Aadolf

13. Subculture Rock`n Roll

14. Sven Dufva

15. Fennoman

16. Halla

17. Mytologia

18. Excalibur of the North

19. Pahuus nousee idästä

20. Northern Skinhead Viking

21. Viipurin Pamaus

22. Oolannin Sota

23. Vainolaista vastaan

24. Kalevalan Maa

25. Kotiseutu




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