Wåfflor Waffen - En munk vid Upplands Väsbys pendeltågsstation

Run to the hills!!! Take cover!!!


The crazy guys in Wåfflor Waffen is back with a new fullength cd! Just as their debut cd (Missfosterland) it is punkrock that they delivers in a raging and almost savage kind of way.


We are sure that if you appreciated their debut cd you will like this one, tracks like “Josefins sista andetag” and "Little boy fatman” is two tracks that stands out but also tracks like “World fake center” where the band joins the debate about IF the official version of the September 11 disaster really were true.


This is punkrock the way it should be!


1. Hemmaslagen

2. Holodomor

3. Trisst

4. Josefines sista andetag

5. Israhell

6. För kort kjol

7. World fake center

8. Kriget mot terrorismen

9. Tjack matt

10. I kommunismens tecken

11. Little boy & Fat man


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