Rahowas Vittnen & 1ª Vanguardia - United in Pride vol. 1

We received an e-mail from some guys in Spain that asked us if we could help them out to get their music out. We had for some time thought about a split-cd series and maybe this would be a good start so we called up the guys in Rahowas Witnesses (famous from youtube) and asked if they would be interested in a split-cd with some guys from Spain that had a band called 1ª Vanguardia and as you can see did the youtube celebrities answer yes to the proposal and vol 1 in United in Pride was born!

Vanguardia plays an old school version of classic RAC and even if we don´t speak any word of Spanish so did we sing-a-long a lot when we got the master from the studio.


Rahowas Witnesses have a punkrock sound which not is so strange because the band shares band members with Wåfflor Waffen. We think this cd will be a perfect one to put into the player and enjoy with some good friends a one or two cold beers.

We already now announce that vol.2 of United in Pride is almost ready for press and on that one will a well-known and almost legendary band appear along with a band that have break new ground the last years and made a name for themselves on the scene……. but until then you have United in pride vol.1 to enjoy - which we really hope you do =)


1. I love my land by rahowa´s witnesses
2. Oi! Ain't red by 1ª vanguardia
3. 100 000 munnar by rahowa´s witnesses
4. Mantente en pie by 1ª vanguardia
5. minority by rahowa´s witnesses
6. linda-marianne by rahowa´s witnesses
7. mentiras by 1ª vanguardia
8. flying the flag by rahowa´s witnesses
9. tjejer by rahowa´s witnesses
10. nothing change by 1ª vanguardia
11. Voluntarios Españoles by 1ª vanguardia



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