Blodtörst - Självmord

Meet Sweden´s latest band: Blodtörst (bloodlust).

Blodtörst has already been out playing live and have gotten themself a faithful audience. The music is angry rock with heavier parts, the lyrics are cheerful, thoughtful and with one foot in yesterday and another in the future.

We are sure that Bloodthirst will appeal to many of you.

We at Midgård are extremely satisfied that Blodtörst chose us as their record label and hope for more albums in the future!

1. Awakened

2. Blodtörst

3. Leva eller dö

4. Självmord

5. När kriget kommer

6. Fanan i hand

7. Victory day

8. Svenskar vakna

9. Will never die

10. Folkförakt

11. The fallen Pt.1

12. Vår vilja (Tors Vrede cover)

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