One Million Lies - One Million Lies

The Swedish band, also known from We want war, are now finally back with their 2nd album: One million lies. We at Midgård are very happy to work with such talented musicians.

The sound is quite heavy, but not in a unmelodic or unprofessional way. They are simply good at playing metal. If you like bands like In Flames, you would surely like One million lies.

In this album the music is a bit more rough and not as polished as in their 1st album, and we also have more songs in Swedish.

We know many of you will enjoy this!

1. Vapen & Vilja

2. Victory or death

3. Heder & ditt blod

4. För fosterlandet

5. Martyr

6. A new tomorrow

7. All for one

8. Svea förlåt

9. Nordanvind

10. Revolt

11. Come out

12. Pardon Europe

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