Völund smed - Gör om gör rätt

Finally do we have the re-press of Völund smeds album "Gör om gör rätt" in stock again.

Some band only take their best songs and put them together for a Best of-album, but not Völund smed. They instead did re-makes of their best songs and then released it on "Gör om gör rätt" (Do it again and do it right).

This was said about the album when it came out:  

"Finally is one of the original Vikingrockbands back! And they are back better and more professional then ever! They make sure that the Swedish vikingrock raises like a phoenix from the ashes!"


Release year: 2022

1. Kämpa   
2. Mälare Strand   
3. Åsikt
4. Fast Besluten   
5. Minnen     
6. Varg   
7. Fosterland
8. Häxjakt
9. Alvid
10. Tro
11.   Karin i mot  
Bonus: I det blå

# Midgård

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