Rahowas Vittnen - Sieh es von der hellen Seite (Se det från den ljusa sidan)

This is the German version with 15 tracks made in 300pcs. Also available in international edition with 22 tracks.

Finally. Our customers have asked us for this release a long time – and now it has finally arrived!

This is Wåfflor Waffens humoristic side-project Rahowas Vittnen (Rahowa’s Witnesses). Some of Rahowas Vittnens song was previously release together with the classic Spanish band 1ª Vanguardia on the split album United in Pride vol 1 (of course we also sell this album) – but in this release, we have collected all the songs of Rahowas Vittnen.

This is a cover project. Covers with a big twist! You will find covers from Green day, Magnus Uggla, Odium, Bridag Wotan and much more! Many of the songs as been upgraded with better sound than earlier YouTube releases.

We guarantee you that this album will be in the center of the party!

1. Kung i Harem  

2. Mördar-Anders 

3. SKS  

4. Nationellt självförsvar  

5. Här kommer alla flyktingar

6. I love my land 

7. 100 000 munnar 

8. Vi ska visa dom 

9. Tiggar-idioti  

10. God demokrat  

11. Brinn avskum   

12. Krossa frihetsfronten 

13. Linda-Marianne 

14. Tjejer 

15. Vackert utan packet 

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