Pitbullfarm - Some good shit

Wtf, A New album from Pitbullfarm!? No not really so, no need for panic. That crazy psycho-dog is still in chains and share cell with Loki's son, the evil creature Fenrir.

Anyhow, Jocke c/o have now and then been asked If they at least could put those song's which was recorded exclusive for vinyl release on a CD. Those prayers have been now been heard. You will also find a bunch of songs from several compilations albums. 

This 14 track's comes with a "fresh" looking booklet that contains a bunch of photos and the graphics fit perfect with the seriousness spectrum which Pitbullfarm operated in.  

1. Rubber sexmachine

2. Our time will come

3. Switchblade casanova

4. Frihetssång

5. Nightriders

6. Cry Cry Cry

7. This ones for us

8. Welcome to pussyville

9. Monsters

10. RAC N` Roll Christmas

11. White trash gigolo

12. Banned from the Khnöllah

13. On yer bike

14. Candyland

# Midgård

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