Frostfödd - Den första striden


Frostfödd chocked the Swedish wikingrock scene with their debute album. They played wikingrock like it was ment originally; for Northmens! And they did it proudly in a time when most of the wikingrock bands focused more on what they not were (read; "racists") and to what audience the bands didn't play for (read; what media consider "racists"), all this instead of focusing on spreading their music and a true and patriotic message.

Frostfödd did the opposite; they openly stated that they played for true swedes and won the hearts and minds of both the wikingrock AND the more radical 'rock for freedom' audience! We can add that the record is absolutely great in it's own right..

1. Blodets legion
2. Bråvalla hed
3. Skapad av frost döpt av eld
4. Evigt mörker
5. Majestätisk tystnad
6. Tre ringar av eld
7. Hlidskjals
8. Född att härska
9. Frihetens källa
10. Det brinnande svärdet


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