Cult of Hatred - Times of Darkness



Midgård proudly presents a new milestone in the resistance genre. Heavy Metal!

Their first three songs was released on Nordland 7 but this is their first debut CD!

Take Blood red eagle's lyrics and apply them on Judas Priest, and you are close to the sound of Cult of Hatred.

This is Heavy Metal all the way - and also with some really strong ballads - and of course the booklet contains all lyrics.

Suitable for everyone, including the less radical listeners!

Limited to 500 pcs.




1: Intro
2: Strong Desire
3: Both sides of everything
4: When we are one
5: Slav
6: Liar
7: Times of darkness
8: Embrace the day
9: Fighting to be free
10: All in my head
11: Walk this way


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