White Anger - Our Time Will Come

This album have we received a lot of requests over the years and now it's finally available again! This album is without doubts classic album from a classic German band. Don't feel embarrassed If you haven't heard of This album before. This album became a classic under another title and name. The first version went other the name White anger but with album title Voice of today. One year later (give or take) came Sturmwehrs album Bis Zum Ende out which contains the song from this one.

Yes you’re right this is a little bit confusing but hey as long as the album is available on market so can it be named to whatsoever.

There is some really golden tracks on one that´s for sure!

 1. New Nation

 2. Dear Brothers & Sisters

 3. A New Hope

 4. Voice Of Today

 5. I Pray For Better Days

 6. Our Time

 7. Till The End

 8. White People

 9. White Anger

 10. Dooms Day

 11. In 1945

 12. Better Than You

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