Sturmrebellen - Endkampf

A new Sturmrebellen album? Not quite, but in principle yes! To shorten the waiting time for the new album, the singer put the guitar in the hands of his comrade Wiesel (Eureka) and had him play songs from his past albums. The result was 10 pieces, with the distinctive storm rebel voice, or only nine since Wiesel sings one song. Songs like "Der Müller", "Fate Battle", "Call for Resistance", "Of Divine Gender", "Alte Garde", etc. now also provide amusement with the popular campfire romance. A 12-page booklet with all the lyrics completes a CD that has never been released before by the storm rebels.

1. Der Müller

2. Soldat

3. Frontzeit

4. Schicksalsschlacht

5. Ruf zum Widerstand

6. Alte Garde

7. Gestern-Heute-Morgen

8. Vom göttlichem Geschlecht

9. Die letzten Krieger

10. Ahnen

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