Ungebetene Gäste - Rebellion von der Küste

After more than 8 years, the popular "Küstenrockers" are finally releasing their second full-length album. A lot has happened with the boys in the meantime. Lyrically one has become clearer and musically a good shovel was put on it. From the rocking steam hammer to the acoustic piece, everything is represented this time. Ten new songs with over 40 minutes playtime. There is a suitable layout for the eyes and the twelve-page booklet contains all texts, greetings, and thanks.

1. Knall, Boom, Peng

2. Küstenrock

3. Erinnere Dich

4. Haudegen

5. Es Brennt

6. Jungs Von Der Straße

7. Alte Tage

8. Der Underdog

9. Heute Nacht

10. Ahoi

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