Best of Nordland

A 'best of' record from Nordland records that has now been put to rest, here with songs from their best years. A mix of both Swedish and international artists.


1. Kraftschlag Nordwind
2. Kraftschlag Leif der Wikinger
3. Kraftschlag Sechs Jahre
4. No Remorse Farewell Ian Stuart
5. No Remorse Play the Winning Hand
6. Totenkopf Stand Proud
7. Kindred Spirit For You
8. Freikorps Schwarz/Weiü/Rot
9. Involved Patriots Three Years of Winter
10. Rahowa The Rain Will Come Again
11. Division S A Twisted Tale from...
12. Squadron Final Salute
13. The Voice Fallen Hero
14. Garrison Pushed to the Limit
15. Max Resist Maximum Resistance
16. Svastika Alliance




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