Eine Front - Drinnen wie Draussen

It's finally here, the sampler for comrades in front of and behind the bars! For some it may just be great music, but for others it is a sign of hope. With the will to act we are not just an empty phrase, but part of our identity. Inside and outside - one front! There are also these bands, which would be there:

Burn Down, Legion of Thor, XxX, Fylgien, Wolfsblut, Zeitnah, Gassenraudi, Ex Umbra In Solem, Schlachtruf Germania, Assistance of Rage, Hermunduren, Fight Tonight, Pionier / White Rebel Voice, Rock N 'Roll Teufel, Luigart, Söhne Teuts and Edei & Ariane.

From hard metal riffs to rock’n’roll and contemplative ballad numbers, everything is there that makes the CD shine with a tight 78 minutes. If there was ever a mandatory purchase, this piece of silver speaks for itself!

01. Gassenraudi - Wer sich das Wagt

02. Burn Down - Treu

03. Ex Umbra In Solem - Gekämpft, Verurteilt, Eingesperrt

04. Schlachtruf Germania - Falsche Humanität

05. Assistance of Rage - I Love

06. Hermunduren - Saga

07. Fight Tonight - Stay HC

08. Pionier & White Rebel Voice - Wäe ich Heut König

09. Fylgien - Du bist zurück (Für Wolle)

10. Wolfsblut - Soldatengrab

11. Rock 'N' Roll Teufel - Näher an zuhaus

12. Legion of Thor - Roter Regen

13. Zeitnah - Nichts ist für die Ewigkeit

14. X.X.X. - Drinnen wie Draussen

15. Luigart - Gegen den Strom

16. Söhne Teuts - Berlin

17. Edel & Ariane - AM Kamin (A.J.)

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