Stimmen Der Solidarität

Short and painful: Some guys from our circle of friends had

create a small "Last Resort", where occasionally one or the other band performed a few hits at private celebrations. That did not suit the local good people, friends of the East Coast and Antifatzkes and so that place was burned down like cowardly at night. We would be bad buddies, we would not help. So said, done. There was a call around the Freundeskreis and the plan was already there: two people make the music and the singers of the following bands are allowed to sing the songs of their youth:

Butchery, Frontalkraft, Gegenpol, home cooking, Lemovice, March or Die, Mistreat, Nemini Paco, Orgullo Sur, Schusterjungs, Smart Violence, Uwocaust, Vesttanz & White Law.

Hits from the 80s and 90s were revived on the disc and there are tons of songs that have not been messed up a thousand times. RAC bands from Störkraft are used, from the Spaniards from Estirpe Imperial to the Australians from White Noise or the French from Brutal Combat. But Oi! Bands like the English Combat 84 were not to be missed in the re-enacted pieces. In other words, the sampler is very international. Around half of the songs are performed in German, one song is in French, two in Spanish and the rest comes in English. Then there is definitely no boredom. The singer from Frontalkraft trumps with a German version of RaHoWa, the screamer from March or Die covers a song by the brilliant Bulldog Breed, Uwocaust stands out with two German songs by Krátky Proces and Squadron, Gegenpol bring their very own Freikorps cover Version for rocking and Muke by Mistreat, as always, makes a brilliant impression with The Crack Cover ... if that's not enough, you should at the latest

Animate Barking Dogs covers to buy, which the front man of

Shoemaker boys skilfully do the best. On top of that there is a 15 minute Skrewdriver medley, where some of the singers are represented in the flying alternation.

This tribute disc with solidarity background has 18 songs

are spread over almost 70 minutes of playing time. In addition comes a booklet

Song fragments and many photos. The part is skinhead relevant,

but also ex skinheads, old comrades and the young generation should

find their fun with this album.

Never forget: we all like to visit gigs!

01. Smart Violence - Steh Auf
02. Hausmannskost - Liar
03. Gegenpol & Butchery - Stolz
04. Schusterjungs - Black Is The Night
05. March Or Die - Made In England
06. Orgullo Sur - Creando Problemas
07. Uwocaust - Na Prach
08. Butchery - A Sick Mind
09. Vesttanz - Gott Vergibt
10. Lemovice - Tueurs Fanatiques
11. Frontalkraft - The Rain Will Come Again
12. Whitelaw - You've Lost That Loving Feeling
13. March Or Die - Poseur
14. Mistreat - Don't Just Sit There
15. Nemini Parco - Juicio Escrito En Sänger Y Truenos
16. Schusterjungs - Niemals Knecht Für Das System
17. Uwocaust & Smart Violence - Der Sieg Wird Unser Sein
18. Vesttanz & KB & Smart Violence & White Law & March or Die & Mistreat & Schusterjungs - The Medley

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