Urweisse - Urweisse Musik

Anyone who thinks there are no more skins or national people in Bavaria is wrong! And who thinks in the Bavarian capital, in Munich, that the resistance musicis dead, is wrong again! Because it still exist ... with a fat middle finger greeting from Munich, Urweisse now have their say! Over 39 minutes are made clear of the nauseating, contaminated and catastrophic conditions in our country. But also classical themes like “soldiers”, “retrospectives” or even “chucky” can be found in their repertoire. The whole thing is enriched with fat guitars and a neat tube, including a pinch of Upper Bavarian dialect! From rock to ballad to thumpers, everything is included. There is also a drawn cover with a 12-page booklet in which all texts are included! "QUOTE LABEL"

01. Vorwort

02. Urweisse Musik

03. Scheißegal

04. Es lebe was auf Erden

05. Kein Schritt zurück

06. Besatzer Tyrannei

07. Neuer Stoff

08. Ewiger Ruhm

09. Bilder meiner Jugend

10. Gedanken

11. Chucky

12. Wort zum Sonntag

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