Bound for glory - Ironborn

After a successful split with Brainwash so are the kings of metal back with a new full-length album!  

Over the years have Bound for glory raised a lot of milestones and almost declared a new standard after each album and Iron born will not change that, here you have a new millstone a new standard is set.

We can just lift our hat´s and and congratulate our friends to a new victory! 


Release year: 2017


01. Eugens' March 

02. Ironborn 

03. The Sword is my Lord 

04. I stood 

05. I am H8 

06. The last Waltz 

07. Here today, gone tomorrow 

08. Old Soul 

09. The Rabbit and the Bear 

10. Borovicka Blues 

11. The Departure 



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