I.C.1 - Loud and Proud

New album of the project of Andy of Razors edge and Carpe Diem band members. Finally, after more than a 3-year wait. 13 new solid skinhead rock songs, which are a perfect follow-up to their debut. Lots of power, catchy choruses and a good dose of aggression. Just like their first one, the lyrics are about society, the skinhead way of life, daily events, and not really political at all. Great stuff!


01 Loud and proud 

02 Rule O.K. 

03 No surrender 

04 No beer here 

05 Riot 

06 Best of times 

07 Thin blue line 

08 I won't pay 

09 Rise and shine 

10 Won't break us 

11 Never stop rocking 

12 Sick society 

13 Skinhead girl

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