Stevie & Laura - Home of the brave

All-acoustic ballad album of Stevie and Laura. Stevie  has in the recent years started making a name for himself doing sessions at various festivals and socials.

Like Stigger, he performs his songs with an acoustic guitar only, but on this album he gets vocal support from Laura.  Good lyrics; some personal, some historical, some political.


01. Family 

02. Our fate 

03. One day one way 

04. I long to be 

05. Home of the brave  

06. We're gonna win 

07. Remain true  

08. It takes more than one  

09. My turn to brave  

10. Swords in the wind 

11. Rise up 

12. Follow me 

13. Everything they fear 

14. Walk with me 

15. It ain't all talk

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