Arysan - This Is Nineteen Eighty-Four (single-case)

The new album from Arysan is out now. This is a project from Jesse of Deaths Head. This follow up to the first Arysan cd and takes a new direction and is a concept album based around George Orwelll`s book 1984. The music is an electro industrial style with various related sound samples. This is a cd (not cdr) and comes in a pro produced foldout wallet made in a matte format. This also includes a “photocopied flier” as such would have been distributed by the Underground in 1984. Label 56 loves promoting and working with bands in alternative music styles, and this is yet another that will find it`s way into new areas in our music scene. A great cd with a very cool concept. Definitely pick one up as they are limited to only 300 copies.

01. War Is Peace
02. Nuspeak
04. Thought Criminal
05. Resistance
06. The Lovers
07. Big Brother
08. Room 101

09. The Last Man

Label 56

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