Embers of an empire - Phoenix rising

The lads from Embers of an empire is finally here with their debut album! This one have we for sure waited for a long time but we can ensure you that it have been worth waiting for!

We don´t really know were to begin maybe with the great mix of sound influences or the great variations on vocals but maybe it´s better to start with catchy melodic sound? The well written lyrics must mentioned too. A what a heck you get what we want to say so make your own sentence.

We will plug in our headphones and listen to the ace album the rest of the evening!

Adiós =)

“Think you’re winning? Well think again!
‘Cos I will fight you until the end
I see the light at the end of the dark
And I am coming to tear you apart
Another battle, another day
Those who turned well they shall now pay
If I should fall then take my place
Keep on fighting to save our race!”

1. The pacified generation

2. The flame

3. Time to face it

4. Send them all

5. Land of the blind

6. Ultimatum

7. Revolution

8. We stand alone

9. My friend

10. Rebel without a clue

11. Wolves amongst sheep

12. Family

“In a time when our world is filled with lambs and snowflakes. We must remember that it is our duty, not only to each other, but to our race and nation, to carry on the fight. The snow may be heavy but is always under foot, and when the dawn comes on our day the sun will shine brightly and melt away those who chose to remain. As the wolf has his day!”

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