Birthrite – American bulldog Digi

Stylistically, Birthrite combines the sounds of the old and new American right. Here, the big, radical sound of the 80s and 90s meets the modern, fresh yet traditionally committed Oi! and rock, the new wave of American identity music. The material is really entertaining, and at times some parts are reminiscent of old hits by the Midtown Bootboys or Nordic Thunder, for example. Nicely constructed riffs, lots of melodies and meaningful lyrics that are not as radical as they were back then, but clearly express an opinion on what is happening in the present. And then you quickly realise that a lot simply hasn’t changed, and even in the States things are becoming more and more problematic when it comes to ‘freedom of speech’.

In the song “Unite The Right” they call for unity, or in “Anti-Antifa” they give the right musical response to the actions of violent, criminal, whores.

Five years after the “American Bulldog” EP, a new release, this time in digipak CD format, is available. However, this is not simply a reissue in the classic sense, but a refreshed musical treat. The material has been re-recorded and remixed, which of course adds a positive value to the material. The disc thus presents a strong and fresh sound without losing its acoustic core.

1. We remember

2. When we awaken

3. Another way

4. American bulldog

5. Anti-antifa

6. Identitarian

7. Get out

8. Unite the right

9. Strikeforce

10. Odin´s law

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