Lockdown wights - Triumph of the ill

Jesse (Deaths Head, Yardbombs, Kilgore, Arysan) has shown his ability to create music of high quality in many musical styles. This time, the politically incorrect lyrics will be performed in an “oldschool rap” style. The genre is not popular in our scene, but I recommend the album, with a sufficiently varied musical background and well-timed lyrics. There is also a Deaths Head cover on the album.

1 Triumph of the ill
2 Lowdown Wights
3 The Cracker You Love to Hate
4 Hatreds Disciples (Deaths Head)
5 I am What I am
6 Livin’ in the Red
7 Viking am I
8 Here Comes the Boom!
9 Throwdown Hoedown
10 Fuck about and Find Out

Nordic Sun Records Budapest

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