Cracker Wagon - Wop Bop Bam Bam

Tasty country rock, the result of a collaboration between two musicians well known on the American scene. Josh (who has been in countless bands) and Chris (best known from the Midtown Bootboys) who has been entertaining audiences on video sharing portals under the name OL LONESOME JONES. But not to be outdone, we’ve uploaded Chris’ video album review, enjoy!

1. Country or punk rock song

2. Ol’ girl

3. Back in 88

4. You ain’t country boy

5. Don’t ever come around here

6. Unglued

7. Wagon full of crackers

8. Drinking whiskey

9. Fuck the govt too

10. Pride and gasoline

11. Bull by the horns

12. Hoping and praying

13. Pass out or die

14. Whitey’s slow dance

15. Vim and Vigor

16. Down in the trailer park

17. Potter’s field

18. Coalhauler

19. Good ol’ boys

20. Wop Bop Bam Bam

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