Ursinne - På trampad mark

With noise and crashes, Ursinne are back on Midgård, this time on trampled ground.

Take a measure of classic nationalist songs, add 2021, three barrels of mead, a fresh sound, bombastic loops and a furious voice - and vips you have got Fury - On trampled ground! (På trampad mark).

The sound is bombastic metal, with some infuence of heavier metal, not too far from Sabaton.

Here you will find covers (but in honesty it is much more than covers) on bands such as Fyrdung, Freke, Nothung, Svastika, Triskelon, Blå Brigader, Storm, Hel, Nidhöggs Vrede, Pluton Svea, Wåfflor Waffen, Völund Smed, Division S, Ultima Thule and Tors Vrede.

1. Demokrati

2. Frihet eller fångenskap

3. Drömmen om lyktstolparna

4. Imbeciller

5. Hellre död än röd

6. Genom kamp till seger

7. Det tredje fiket

8. Svärd i hand

9. Stolt och stark

10. Ave Victoria

11. Völund

12. Valkyriors dom

13. När bifrost brister

14. De stupades blod

15. Ny era

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