Ursinne - Arg bara arg (limited edition)

This is the limited edition made in 333 pcs. The albums is also in a standard edition.

So, it’s finally time for Ursinnes first album! The album “Arg bara arg” (Angry, just angry) will sure leave a mark in the scene. Most of the traitors among our society gets a punch in the stomach!

Well, you might wonder how it sounds? It’s a modern type of Hardcore, not really like other bands in our scene. We are sure you are going to have a really great time listening to this kick-ass production!

Let the beast inside you awake! Ursinne!

1. Intro
2. Sången om konungens återkomst
3. Öresundsbron
4. Feminism (en nation på drift)
5. Godhetens apostlar
6. Luftslott
7. Var är du, varg?
8. Sverige är fantastiskt
9. Du är dom som var
10. Folkets spegel
11. Egoismens tidevarv
12. Extremister

13. Immigrant song
14. Luffarvisan

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