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Micetrap Records acquired the rights to numerous Sniper releases in the beginning of 2005 and decided to put out a "best of" album featuring their greatest songs in addition to three unreleased tracks!


Sniper are one of the world's best NS skinhead bands and this cd features 21 tracks and a 20 page full-color booklet including all lyrics and some of the best cd artwork ever! Whether you own some of their albums or Sniper is new to you, this is a definite must own!

Taken from Waiting For The Good Times: 

01. Days Of Glory  

02. Once Upon A Time  

03. Together Tomorrow  

04. Memories  

05. Racial Gig 

06. Europe Must Awake 

07. In The Final War  

08. Waiting For The Good Times

Taken from SOTAA! 

09. Vala 

10. Elamasta Kuolemaan  

11. KRP 

12. Socturin Laulu

Taken from Praise & Prelude To A New World 

13. Guten Tag (Dead Cop)  

14. White Rock 

15. Final Day Of False History  

16. Punishment Must Fit The Crime 

17. Fight With Pride  

18. White Sluts.

Unreleased Tracks: 

19. Huomenna (Voi Kaikki Olla Tuisin Pain)  

20. Mustat Raiskaajat  

21. Uusi SS.

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